Wise Women Botanicals

Natural products for skin care, health and wellbeing.

Our philosophy at Wise Women Botanicals is to provide skincare, health and well-being naturally,  optimizing Essential Oils and the bounty Mother Nature has graciously supplied affordably.

Vitamins 4 Your Face

 1oz $10.00       2.5oz - $22.00       4.5oz - $40.00 

Age Spots A Thing Of The Past!!

This is our ultimate moisture creme. It has all of the components to reverse wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. Everything about it is delicious and nutritious! Beginning with a Goats Milk and Glycerin base, DI Aqua, adding Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil, Squalene, Allotoin, DMAE, Sodium PCA (with a cellular mosiac closest like our skin thus acts as a carrier with its companion emmoliants), Niacimide, Eidlewiess Extract, Licopene, B-3, B-5, C, and E, Green Tea Extract, Silk Amino Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, Hyaluronic Acid and Wrinkle blur. All of these ingredients focus on moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and increasing your skin health.

Directions: Moisturizing is an important step for any skin type. Apply creme to face and neck once daily, after you cleanse and tone. When applying facial treatments, always use gentle, circular strokes in an upward direction. Apply sparingly, then relax for 3 minutes... No Frowning!

RoseHips and Hibiscus Ultimate Facial Serum with Frankincense EO
      1 oz - $14.00       2 oz - $19.95

This Serum Has It All!
 It is packed with all of the essential nutrients you need to fight back against the march of time. Power Packed with the active ingredients of DMAE (a nutrient 4 improving skin tone thus lifting sagging skin), Vitamin A ( nourishes the skin & assists with rejuvenation, Vitamin B (a humectorant increasing collagen & lipid synthesis, in addition to moisture barrier repair), Vitamin C (anti-oxidant), Vitamin E, Ibodene and alpha lipo acid,(the most powerful anti-oxidant available!), along with multi-fruits and the wonder oil Sea Meadowfoam. 

Directions:  Apply sparingly, only a couple of drops for your face and neck using an upward motion. Apply after cleansing your face and before the Vitamins 4 Your Face and Vitamin K Eye Treatment. Relax for three minutes.. no frowning! (Let gravity help by leaning back!)

Goats Milk Intensive Treatment 
2.5oz - $9.45       4.5oz - $15.45

Revitalize Your Skin!
Infuse your skin with the revitalizing, conditioning nourishment of our Goats Milk Creme. Our ultra-moisturizing skin treatment goes on smooth and is completely absorbed into the skin, leaving absolutely no oily or sticky residue. Goats milk provides a number of benefits to the skin, such as calcium regeneration and restoration of skin integrity. A nourishing, soothing and refreshing treat for your skin!

Directions: Appropriate for (external) use on any of our abused body parts. Apply sparingly and allow to be absorbed. A little goes a long way!

Goats Milk Intensive Treatment with Lavindin Grosso EO
2.5 oz - $9.45  4.5 oz - $15.45

Moisture & Healing!
A wonderful moisturizer with the addition of the most healing Essential Oil available. Lavindin Grosso a pure and therapeutic oil.

Directions: Appropriate for (external) use on any of our abused body parts. Apply sparingly and allow to be absorbed. A little goes a long way!

Extreme Moisture 4 Your Body
2.5 oz - $9.95              4.5 oz - $15.45      

If you are sabotaging your skin and its' condition by exposing it to chlorinated water, harsh weather conditions or fighting extreme dry skin, this product is for you! Coconut oil, Shea Butter and our Goats Milk Base makes a combo you can't beat.

Goats Milk Soap for a Healthy Face and Body

Prices start at $1.25        3 oz bar - $3.30      Perfumes begin at $12.00/oz


We make our Goats Milk Soap as rich as can be to promote the healthiest skin possible. Starting with DI Aqua and Goats milk, Glycerin, Aloe and the most natural base possible. Scented or no scent at all, bar size from 1.5oz to 4oz.  Order your special scent today from  Coach "Love" to Lavindin Grosso, or "Opium" or J 'Adore. You pick the scent and we will produce the most luxurious soap possible. You also have the option to purchase a perfume, body spray or body lotion in the same scent. The perfume is a silk oil base or an alcohol base.

The Ultimate Skincare Package

The Very Best Value!

Vitamins 4 Your Face  2.5oz
Vitamin K Eye Treatment   .5oz

Frankincense Hydration Cream  2.5 oz
Espresso Anti-Wrinkle Cream   .5oz

Marigold Eye Treatment  .5oz
Dead Sea Mineral Microscrub    2.5oz
Goats Milk Intensive Moisture Treatment  2.5oz
Aloe & Glycerin Toner   4oz              
Green Tea Cleanser   4oz
Luxurious Goats Milk Soap

Ultimate Lift Serum  2oz.
Vinyl Beauty Bag

Regularly $125.00           Special  $100.00

Add Our high frequency Vitamins 4 Your Face with CBD for $15.00 more saving $35.00

Double Expresso Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

.5 oz - $7.00   .75 oz - $11.00

Extraordinary to say the least.

Can you say miracle in a jar..... Reducing and eliminating those lines we have developed over time from stress and dehydration.

Caffeine and Raw Vitamin K are extreme agents that don't stop working!  Lasts all day and you'll want to apply it everywhere; go ahead and apply it to your neck and other problem areas. 


Vitamin K & Carrot Seed Eye Creme  

 0.5 -$7.00     0.75oz - $11.00   1 oz - $18.00

World Class Eye Creme performing  in minutes instead of days...

The lift begins in a couple minutes and lasts all day. Even though it says Eye it will preform in any area you pick.

Beginning with our Goats Milk and Glycerin base, adding Carrot Seed Oil, Vitamin K Complex  the effects are amazing.

Experience a noticeable lift to the eye area, diminishing dark circles and decreasing broken capillaries with daily use. The alternative for soft and natural feeling skin and so-o-o affordable

Green Tea Cleanser
4oz - $7.95         8oz - $12.95

Gentle and efficient Cleansing with Vitamin E and Anti-oxidants for the best care of your skin. Cleansing your face and eye area is very important in skin health for all persons. Apply sparingly using upward strokes, remove with a splash of tepid water, pat dry prior to  application of moisturizer.

Aloe and Glycerin Toner

4oz -$7.95         8oz - $10.95

Toning adjusts the ph of your skin, allowing aloe to heal and glycerin for moisturizing properties. Also removes the last of make-up residue to maintain clean cells for the coming moisture treatment.

Goats Milk Soap

Moisturize and cleanse gently with Goats Milk Soap made simply and naturally.

We can add lavender buds with lavindin Grosso essential oil for  healing  and relaxation as you moisturize. We grow our Lady Lavender Buds here at the shop and harvest just as the blooms are most fragrant and add Essential Oil for the most healing properties available.

Also available are Apothecary Rose Essential Oil and Tuberose Essential Oil for a truly uplifting and expanding experience, both with Rose Petals grown locally. Great for Gift giving. Many package choices are available, customize to suit your needs! Many mold designs available. Resting Woman, Celtic Hearts, Japanese Geisha, Calla Lily, small hearts - guest size, chinese coins, even amphibian animals or dogs, cats, and monkeys for our youngest clients. They also need good care in the winter months.

Goats Milk Body Lotion
2oz - $2.50      4oz - $5.95     8oz - $9.95

Moisture 4 your skin at its finest. Use this rich and thick lotion like a creme. (it is really too thick to be a lotion!) any part of your body will benefit from the Vitamin E, Aloe, Goats Milk Base rich with vegan glycerin, Vitamin E and Aloe. World Class properties unscented and clean in its delivery, may be scented with Essential oils or fragrant oils.
You choose!

Goats Milk Osteo Lotion

Stop the reclasting and strengthen the vein and capillary walls with Pine Needle and Cypress Essential Oils.

Your body will "rob" calcium from one part of your body and place it in another if you are deficient. Pine Needle Essential Oil causes the density of your bones to increase and decreases this action. One of the properties of Cypress Essential Oil is to strengthen the walls of our veins, capillaries and arteries in doing so the spider veins and varicose veins will diminish and even bruising will be lessened.