Wise Women Botanicals

Natural products for skin care, health and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on the purity and high frequency of our Medical Grade Cannabis Hemp Products and know you will be extremely benefited. Our CBD products are extracted using a CO2 extraction process to gain the highest quality base without alcohol or heavy metal contamination. Our 99% pure product is tested by an independent lab and provide the highest possible product.
Our vision is to ensure ALL people are able to utilize CBD for their health, our pricing index reflects this vision.
Bottles with Dropper closures
CBD in MCT  500mg           5ml trial                    $10.00
CBD in MCT  500mg           1 oz.                            $49.50
CBD in Mct   750mg           1 oz.                            $69.50
CBD in Mct  1000mg.         5ml trial                    $15.00
CBD in Mct  1000mg.         1 oz.                            $84.50
CBD in Mct  1500mg.         1 oz.                            $119.50
Our CBD Cream Products are made with a glycerin, aloe, and goats milk base to allow complete absorption three layers down with no residual "sticky or greasy" feel. 

CBD Cream with 1000mg oil infused  1 oz jar       $12.00

CBD Cream with 1000mg oil infused  3 oz jar       $27.00

CBD w/ EO 4 Pain            1 oz jar                            $15.00

CBD w/EO 4 Pain         2.5 oz jar                            $32.00

We will be adding both eczema and psoriasis cream with the addition of CBD to reduce the inflammation shortly.